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Question 97 E300TD servo query

hello all
I have just bought my first ever Mercedes! A lovely E300TD AvantGarde. I see why folk swear by them! I am sure I made the right choice - I sold my new shape RangeRover to buy it and I don't regret it one bit!

I have a query for those that know about these things - I noticed that there are three cut wires leading from a round plug on the servo. these have been cut by wire cutters and the wires lead to a connector plug which enters the loom, about three inches away.

The wires are black, blue and brown and are not heavy gauge. everything appears to work fine and the lights that should light on the dashboard appear to light up and extinguish at the correct times!

Anyone got any ideas what the wires do or measure or control?

Thanks! The car is a UK spec, right hand drive automatic.


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