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I won't get too technical here or else I would have to have you read an SAE paper on this subject. To sum it up at one time nickel was used in MB catalytic converters. It was found the nickel could cause heath problems (carcinogens). Gemany banned the use of nickel in catalysts. Nickel helped inhibit the sulfur smell that you are complaining about. The new catalysts load oxygen to make them warm up sooner and they do not contain nickel. The loading of oxygen adds to the sulpher smell and without nickel the smell is much more noticable. The fuel companies were supposed to lower the sulpher content to help the problem out. Bottom line is that the new generation cats w/o nickel and getting a gas tank of gasoline with higher sulfer content can cause this. The problem is not as bad now as it was a few years ago. This is a very condensed and brief explanation. We owe alot of our problems to new regulations that may not be thought out very carefully.