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Block heater installation

I am going to install a block heater on my 300D. It has a 602 motor. I have searched the threads here, and have determined that I simply need to remove a freeze plug with a 19 mm allen wrench and screw the block heater into the block.

It sounds pretty straightforward, but I have a couple of stupid questions. First of all, will I have coolant or oil dripping out of the hole when I remove the freeze plug? Second, the threads that I have read state that it is extremely difficult to remove the freeze plug. These threads, however, mostly deal with diesels from the early 1980s. Is it possible that the freeze plug will come out easier since my engine is only ten years old?

Most importantly, where is this freeze plug? Is it on the bottom or top of the engine? Which side? And finally, how tight do I need to screw the block heater into the engine?

Thanks for entertaining my silly questions, and thanks in advance for any help.

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