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Restoring 1966 230sl

I have a 1966 230sl that has been sitting in the garage since 1980 and it needs restoration. I would greatly appreciate any information as to what I should expect to pay a qualified technician to bring it back to original condition. I'm certain that the injection system is all gummed up, because my uncle left this car to me with a full tank of twenty year old gasoline. He would not let anyone touch this car until he passed it on to me last week. I looked it over and after removing the headlights, found rust holes the size of a softball. There also is some rust on the inner fenders, but amazingly none underneath the car, with the exception of the left rear wheelwell. This car has mechanical fuel injection and I'm certain that it will have to be rebuilt. I did not attempt to start the car, as I did not want to damage the engine, but I did put a wrench on the crankshaft pulley and turn it over manually to make certain that it wasn't locked up. I've done some work on other engines, but wouldn't even attempt to try and rebuild the injection system. The paint is original and all faded, and has a lot of surface rust. The chrome is in excellent condition considering it's age. The interior is still immaculate and doesn't need anything but a good cleaning. Thanks for any advice!
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