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Angry '94 E320 Cold Start

Can you belive it!!??
I had the same problem on my 86 300E. I still have the posts on the board here.

I just got the '94 E320 and........
Now, it s 44F this morning (per outside temp gage) and the car starts after 4 tries and the Check Eng. Light is on.
This is the second time, this happened. Except the last time it did not set a light.
Also, it was 31F the other day and it satrted right up. Whats with the 44F temperature.
Absolultey no warm start problem.

So now what?? Which sensor could be possible causing this. Maybe coolant temp??
Also, what injection system does the 94 E320 have, is it LH Jetronic, or Motronic? I have a pulse counter, (I am still waiting on my manuals) can somebody guide me on the socket, please.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.


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