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The spring height can have an affect on the caster angle but this could be adjusted.

To check the wheel for trueness jack up the car and spin the wheel. Use a reference device like a block of wood and watch the wheel as it turns… if you see any wobble check to see if it is coming for the tire or the wheel by moving the block next to the rim.

Also Check

The steering Linkage Tie rod ends center link and Ilder arm and bushings. The best way to do this is have someone wiggle the play in the steering wheel wile the car is on the ground watching each part. If the ball in the tie rod socket moves inside the socket it needs to be replaced. Also watch the center-linkage and make sure it going right to left not up and down.

If any of these parts are worn it can cause a pulsing in the steering wheel at certain speeds or amplify a slightly out of balanced wheel .
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