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In the heyday of gray marketing, I brought a half dozen or so cars in myself. I wonder why you would want to do that today, as the market forces of the early to mid 1980's no longer exist. The price of the car in Germany, considering the exchange rate for Euros/Deutsch Marks and dollars is very much in line with the US price today. This was not the case in the 1980's as the price of MB's only went up every year when the dollar value dropped, and when the dolllar value suddenly rose, to nearly twice the value it had been when the US prices were set, MB just left the prices high. These conditions made buying the US equivalent car, shipping it and converting it cost about 60 to 65 % of the equivalent model on the US showroom floor. You did not get much of a warranty, but in those days I had little trouble with the cars in the first couple of years. And as Larry noted the procedures are more cumbersome or restrictive (meaning expensive) and the people involved are no longer as easy to find today, so they specialize in models not imported to the US. MB recently closed the last gap in their product line of significance when they brought in the Gelaendewagen and bought out the guy importing these himself. By the way, the MB price for a Gelaendewagen is about half the price the grey market guy was selling them for, which indicates the kind of price penalty you are likely to encounter brininging your own car into the country today.

Good Luck, Jim
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