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Originally posted by 86560SL

If you have enough capital to self insure then you should have enough money to blow on insurance. After all what's a few hundred dollars? "Wasting money on insurance should'nt be an issue.

What's a few hundred dollars? Okay, in five premium periods, it's a thousand. Is that too much to blow on insurance?

My opinion is based on my experience. Yes, I have had an occasional deer strike and hail damage. My premium didn't increase a dime. Yes, it would have hurt to pay out the repair bill myself (for the deer strike only). Still the insurance company is way ahead over the 20+ years I have owned and insured cars.

Also, I have medical coverage elsewhere, I don't want to pay twice for medical coverage. The only possible exception would be passengers who are not family, which is relatively rare. Most of them have their own medical coverage anyway.

The trouble with insurance is that the good drivers pay for the bad. As a good driver, I don't like that deal. I got out.

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