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Short burst and anticipated stops

Greetings All,

Don't we all wish for the answer to this, but a lot depends on driving habits, somewhat like fuel economy. If you know you're gonna stop at the next stop sign and the speed limit is 45mph and it's two blocks down the road, then don't wait until you're 500 feet away to figure out you're gonna have to stop. The same goes for down grades that you know will end with a stop sign. Don't ride the brakes all the way down the hill, downshift the engine to third gear to aid in the braking action of the engine. I can't say I've ever changed brake pads on any vehicle I've own in less than 60,000 miles or more simply by not applying the brakes, less emergency stops like the deer that runs across the road. It's all a matter of anticipation of stops and keeping your foot off the brake while driving. If you're driving is mainly city driving this mileage will decrease drastically. It also helps to know that your brakes aren't dragging because there's air trapped in the system, check that one every six months or so.

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