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Lee Scheeler
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If its just handling and not as much "the look" your after, try going to more aggressive rubber with either tires or wheels+tires. If you don't like the tires just bolt on others, if you goof the suspension it is much harder to change back plus the $$$ is much worse. My 91 300E was one of the most balanced cars of any size in my opinion bone stock. 205/60/15 was the "Sportline" size for those cars if I remember correctly. That would fit on the stock wheels without any headache. 225 section width is as wide as you can go and still stay in the fenders. I put 225/50/16 ZR rated rubber on my 400E and that really made a 4-door sportscar out of it in comparison to stock 195/65/15. The 225's go right to the edge of the fenders. I've had no rubbing even with a full load/@steering lock/uphill. On the much more nimble 300E I'd probably go with an aggressive tire(michelin Pilots are great) in 205/60/15 size and keep the stock wheels. The 300E is about 500lbs lighter and has a better weight balance so you probably wont need the extra rubber + increasing your unsprung mass. If you still need more handling have you considered a heavier duty anti-roll bar? Hope this helps...Lee

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