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Time for new suspension... well...everything!

Hey guys. As some of you might remember, my car a 1992 300E was having some drifting problems at high speed. Well, the problem has developed further, and now I can hardly shift from 1st to 2nd without breaking the rear tires out. I know its not the tires, as they have lots of tread left, are qualtiy Michelins, and are filled correctly. So, its the suspension components. I want some opinions here... I want to tighten up the handling quite a bit, so I was thinking either bilstein sports, hds, or Koni adjustables. I was just wondering what you guys think about these three, and if you had any other suggestions for shock absorbers. I was also wondering how much and what difference there is between hds and sports. Secondly, I wanted to lower the car by about 1.5 front and rear. I have two options, I can either buy eibach or H&K springs and spend more money, or cut a coil or two off of my existing springs. What do you guys think is better? And, how much stiffer are eibachs and h&ks you can pick up at compared to the stock springs? Would I notice a differnece between stock springs with a couple coils cut off and eibachs if I used bilstein sport or hds? Finally, since the car's underparts are getting replaced, I need to change out bushings etc. My car has 106k miles on it now, and these parts have undoubtedly worn. Any suggestions as to what to replace? Thanks a bunch guys, and sorry for a long post....
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