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No resources close

Greetings Hamish and Ernie,

The chassis number is a 126.120 '84 300SD if you happen to run across one Hamish for cheap money let me know. Ernie I wish I had a place available that I could either go to for used parts or even a Benz dealer close would be nice. Closest dealer is 80 miles away and junk yards between here and there kind of laugh if I ask them if they have any Mercedes in their yards, that's a no down here. Phil at partshop almost has all my cars figured out by now and recognizes me when I call. Just wondering if I could get stock options seeing as they have been getting a lot of my money these last several months. Don't tell me Ernie that you have a graveyard for cars right down the street from you?
I've got parts coming from Phil this week so on my next day off, next Monday I'll give the switch a look see to and determine if the wire is broke or just how the darn light is rigged up in the switch. You say you didn't have any problems putting it back together? I thought this rocker switch was spring loaded as well as a ball rolling around in there somewhere as well.

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