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Dirty Ern
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No, the closest is about 40 miles away, but every once in a while I'll jump in one of my oil burners and zoom over and see what's new. At least once a month I take a trip to Sacramento on business and pay $2 at the first one of the chain and they stamp your hand and it gets me in three more on the way home. I get my exercise on that day because the European section for some reason is always way in the back. I don't know what's up...but it seems like the window switches are the first thing to go. That and what ever they get out of the center where the climate control is.
There are a couple of tiny coil springs that are in the rocker part of the switch. They put pressure on the steel balls. They never fall out, in fact there is some grease there for lubrication that holds them in place. It all falls into place pretty easily when you go to put it back together. Again e-mail me if you want me to send one.

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