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Angry Rough idle after changing valve cover gasket

Took off the valve cover on my 300E today and changed out the gasket. The oil leaking from that area is fixed, but now for some reason it idles rough, and when coming to a stop the RPM's drop to about 500 and it almost cuts out.

I broke a hose (blowback hose?) at the clamp when removing the valve cover. It was extremely brittle. It's the small one that goes from valve cover to the block (about 3 inches in length), not the large one from valve cover to air housing.

For the most part I got the hose back together but I'm sure it's not completely air tight.

Anyone have a clue what might be happening here? Could that broken hose be causing the rough idle? Increased compression maybe from the gasket change? I'm clueless....



'91 300E, 203,000mi

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