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Yea, if you just look at what causes your brakes to wear down, you will find your answers. Its heat. So, considering that when you apply brake force, your car has to turn 3300 pounds of kinetic energy into heat, its no surprise your pads carbonize and deteriorate and your rotors can get warped. In the case of the rotors, I think they will only start warping under repeated stress or prolonged exposure, such as a good 3-4 hour le mans style driving run, or going down pike's peak with your brakes on. As far as normal driving conditions are concerned, it would'nt matter if you hold the brakes for a while or slam them hard all at once, the net effect is that you are taking your car, going at 60 miles an hour, and converting all of its kinetic energy into heat, and this amount of heat is the same whether you brake hard or soft over a longer distance. The one downside to braking hard is that if the rotors aren't strong enough, you might be able to impart enough heat at a high enough rate that the rotor will start getting soft, which then causes rotor warpage. I like to think, however, that Mercedes designed their rotors to be strong enough to take anything normal and even spirited driving can throw at them.
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