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Tim Davis
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I have a 1985 380SE with 111,000 miles on it. Just yesterday, my wife pointed out to me that there is a fair amount of creaking noise coming from (what I assume is) the suspension. I hadn't really noticed it much myself, I've usually got the radio on. With the hood up, I can cause the creaking noise by compressing and releasing the suspension in the vicinity of the front left shock. It doesn't sound like anything's broken, mind you. I know that there are not grease fittings on this car but it sure sounds like it needs to be greased. My question for you more learned than I is this: Is this common? Does it indicate anything seriously wrong (expensive)? I think that the shocks on the car are original. I am willing (and able) to replace them myself. Might this creaking noise be related?

Thanks in advance for any advice/ info.