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leaves, needles, and crud

After a heavy rain storm (several days) and my 1985 500 SEL sitting facing slightly uphill, I now have wet carpet in the left rear foot well and water in the left of the trunk.

I cleaned the drain for the trunk and the water drained out. The window rubber looks good front and rear. When I pulled the car in the garage water POURED out from a drain under the pillar between drivers side front and rear doors.

After searching the site I found ideas regarding the drain holes for the sun roof and under the hood.

I am having a hard time finding the drains for the sun roof. Can I run bailing wire up from the bottom?

Under the hood I see gobs of greasy grimy gunk under the battery tray and the fuse box. I can't get my hands in there, do I need to remove parts?

I'm thinking that while the car was on the incline, the trunk filled up and once I leveled it, the water drained from the trunk into the passenger compartment. <-- A guess!

I'll take any advice I can get!


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