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My Antilock light is on in my 86 190 2.3-16, it came on last week when I picked it up from the shop. They had just replaced my shocks and all control arms and now the antilock light is on. When I took it back they said my front ABS sensors were bad. The insulation was completely worn off of them. So I took the ones off my other 16V, one is new and the other one is in great shape. But the antilock light is still on. When I replaced the sensors I cleaned them with brake parts cleaner. I have tested the brakes and the ABS is not working (on old tires). PLEASE help, what do I need to check. I just had new P-Zeros put on the car today and I do not want to flat spot them. The ABS worked on the other 16V that I took the sensors off of, so I assume the are still fine. Any help is appreciated, I want the ABS back so I can feel free to use the brakes hard again. Thanks in advance.

Adrian Eckenrod
86 190 2.3-16
87 190 2.3-16

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