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Tim Davis
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My '85 380SE has been smelling of gasoline lately and this afternoon I discovered why. Just aft of the rear axle there is a location where several lines attach to the fuel tank. One is about 3/4" or so and goes directly to the fuel pump assembly, I am assuming that this is where the fuel EXITS the tank. The second connection is the one I suspect of leaking, and it is a smaller diameter, apparently braided covered rubber, and it connects to the tank via a connector that appears to be permanently attached to the hose and threads into a fitting. The other end is connected to a 7 or 8 mm metal tube via a standard looking hose clamp. This line is only about 10" long or so and appears to be easily removed/ replaced. I suspect that it is a return line for the fuel injection system but am appreciative of enlightenment.

BENZMAC, I thank you for your earlier, prompt response concerning my suspension noise, I will check out the suspect joints with my trusty stick stetho at the earliest convenience.