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Bob Perkins
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Thank You Michael,
I appriciate the info! And your right it is a little piece of .... ! My Chevy truck parts are built better in that department ! But I Love my Benz! I just came here for the right information! anyone else have an opinion?
I have had 2 1984 BMW 318I's they never did me wrong ! But then I hopped into a 1989 Mercedes 260E (6 banger) and had a ton more fun and no problems there either! maybe i'm just lucky ! lol
When i bought this E420 (8 Banger)it was something else! I love it ! Just need the radiator peice ! $8.00, got her covered I think !!
BTW! My Mother drives an immaculate 1989 BMW 735I and it's handling is like a Vette ! But it's get up ! is a funny battle on the E420 !
Have a Good One !!!
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