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I second that engatwork. However, I think the picture looks very bad because of the flashlight.
I have a question, is the elbow end male or the radiator end? I've never taken one out, but always assumed that the radiator was male. From the picture it looks like the radiatorís male end is broken, which of course could only be fixed by purchasing a new radiator or fabricating something and hoping it will hold.

The other thing that I wanted to add is that this is not a common problem on these cars. I've owned three 124's (still own a 88 300CE) and I've never had any problems with that particular part. Even broken neck endings that some people experienced problems with were most likely caused by human error. Iíve seen it twice myself. Once my body shop left some kind of tool on top of the radiator and slammed the hood shut (they paid for a new radiator). The other time was on a friendís car. We were doing a valve seal job and he accidentally leaned on the neck and broke it. What I am trying to get at is that many of these parts (especially in the engine compartment) will get very fragile over the years and you just need to be careful when working around them.

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