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the 123 will do pretty well compared to most cars off road because it has good ground clearance good weight distribution and lots of suspension travel, stay away from mud though, with an open diff you will be stuck in a heartbeat.

i think you willl find that the benz ralley cars probably had a lot less mods than most ralley cars due to their robust design from the factory.

my 84 euro which was set up for the amerithon ralley had very stock setup with taller 126 ( i believe) springs, a skid plate and vented front rotors. they also stripped the interior and put in light stuff and plastic side windows and stripped off the undercoating to save weight. of course no ac sunroof or radio and crank windows. and a 369 rear end. i suspect it may also have had 15 or 16" rims too but by the time i got it they were long gone. and it had a full roll cage too.....but in a benz this is mostly for hanging racing seats and belts on since the passenger compartment is so robust.

i had my 72 beemer motorcycle off the road on some dirt pathed hills once and it did surprisingly well. (as i kindof parallel example)

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