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Since you can hand crank it, might as well try and start it.

- Drain the gas tank and the oil.
- Change the filters and use fresh stuff fluids (5 gallons of the best gas you can buy should do). Add a bottle of Techtron fuel injection cleaner.
- Give all the moving linkages under the hood a good shot of WD40 to wake them a bit.
- Give each cylinder a shot of marvel mystery oil. The budget auto parts stores have a really simple clear plastic bottle cap with a hose on it that's great for this.
- Remove the rocker cover and lube the cam and moving parts with spray white grease. Put a bit of oil into the cap of the can of Marvel mystery oil and dribble it into the lube holes on each cam tower. To do the front one, remove the piss tube (then put it back).
- Check the transmission fuild (if it's an automatic). Make sure the clutch is free if it's a standard.

NOW, you can hand crank it a few turns, then use the starter until the oil pressure comes up. Inspect the cam lobes. At that amount of pressure, each cam lobe should have gotten a shot of oil. Also, the gas pump should have circulated the old fuel out.

Put the plugs back in, the rocker cover back on, and give it a shot of starting fluid. I bet it will run on the third try.

It would be a good thing to hook up a tach/dwell to check the ignition basics while you do this. Don't forget to check the starting voltage. It should be over 9v. (even if you just got a new battery).


PS. The correct paint is something like 400$. To correctly apply it after fixing the metal may have the restoration hit 10k before you know it.
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