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E. Lee
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I have a 88 300E W124. I have three problems with my car right now:

1) My car idles at 1500 rpm (or even 2000 rpm) when it's in "Park" or "Neutral". Can any one tell me what's wrong with my car and how to fix it? Will it be an expensive fix?

2) Also, the right most light bulb in the instrument cluster is out. Do I really need a "dash hook" to remove the instrument cluster to replace the bulb. I've tried to make these "dash hooks" using a wire coat hanger, and I was able to insert these "hooks" into the side of the cluster. My question hard do I have to pull to get the instrument cluster out? I don't want to pull too hard because it may damage my cluster? I've heard that some poeple have cracked their cluster by pulling too hard.

3) My last question is: The actuator for the fuel tank door lock is leaking vacuum. I have already purchased a new actuator. My question is, how do I remove the old actuator and install the new one? I have already removed the trunk lining etc. and I can touch the old actuator. From the mercedes diagrams, it seems that there are two screws holding the actuator...but I can't seem to find them.

Thanks in advance.