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Buying 300TE - what do I look for?

Hi all,

I am considering purchasing a 92/93 300TE and am seeking pointers on what to check (apart from the normal things to check when buying a car).

The car belongs to someone I know and trust (so far) and has done 130,000 miles. He was given (yes given) the car by a customer (of his restaurant) who bought an SLK and has not since used the 300. The car does is not taxed and the councial are threatening to remove the car.

I have to call today and check for MOT, service history, known problems etc. I will also go over and have a good look at the car. It has definitely seen better days and has clearly been sitting at the roadside for awhile (sun dried wiper arm, missing hood ornament) but my friend has driven the car so I know it atleast actually works.

I understand that slipping transmission and noisy rear axle are the major concerns. What's the best way to check for both or is it obvious when these problems exist?

I am a reasonably capable home mechanic so replacing the odd part here and there is not scary but are there parts which are likely to need replacing and/or are very expensive or difficult to reach/replace?


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