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300E Heads R & R What Else?

1989 300E :215K with a bad leak in my head gasket. Typical valve guide problem so I'm pulling the Head Tomorrow with my son . We just got done restoring 351W Ford engine and the 300 E head doesn't look that hard to do. I've researched the forum and found some good advice (#12 star piont socket)
1. Do I need any special tools for this?
2. danger areas to be aware of.
3. Do I replace the timing chain?
4. I have to replace that little shock on the front of the engine
so Do I pull the radiator.
Anything else You can think of?

Machine shop that did my other work will do the valve job on the 300E and reinstalland setup the cam& timing for $350.
I think $500-600 should do it for everything.
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