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Those aren't sealed beams. Sealed beams won't fit - wrong size and shape, nothing to mount them on! They are an expensive (but crummy) US only light which, on my 87 w124, used a 9004 bulb. I don't know if the 9004 bulb was still being used in 1992, but both the US headlights and the Euros use bulbs that are replaced from the rear of the assembly by removing a plastic cover. Replacing the US lights is nearly as expensive as buying Euros, so don't break one by running a way overwattage bulb!

If you scroll down page 3 of this thread, , you will see what the inside of the Euro headlight looks like, and the spring clip holding the bulb in the headlight reflector (right side) and fog light reflector (left). The US works in a like manner, but with different connectors.

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