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Thanks Lee for the detailed reply. I am also considering the E500/500E. What price range are you getting for the 1992s? I guess after you do all the upgrades to the 1994 E420, it will be close the the price of a 500E. I see '94 E420s with 70K for about $21-22K. I see '92 500Es with 60-100K miles anywhere from $29K to $39k in the classified 2000 in netscape. I guess for the 500E the only thing needed is Rims, tires and perhaps an upgraded muffler for a good V8 rumble. Everything else is done for you including a subtle Aero kit.

For 500E, If you use 17" rims, what is the ideal tire size? 18" rims? What upgrades would you do for your '92 500E when you get it?

thanks....this site is the best!