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Lee Scheeler
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Bodywork is one of the most expensive mods you can do. If you have seen a genuine 500E up close you would notice that the fenders are flared but so is the lower body cladding. It is also the sort of thing that once you begin, you can't really stop till you convert the whole vehicle without it looking truly tacky. ex: the front air dam is flared to match the fenders, the front fenders flare and are met by the panels w' lower body cladding of the doors, which go back to the rear flared fenders, that go to the flared lower bodywork of the rear bumper...etc. Each piece has to be professionally fitted, primed, and painted. That could run into the tens of thousands. Plus if you get done with this ordeal and for some reason it doesn't look "right" to you...your in deep ****. If you put the cash toward a 500E you would get the aero and performance tweaks with the added bonus of it being highly collectable. For best cosmetic "bang for the buck" try flashy rims(your own taste will dictate there) with a subtle drop. Look at the stance of my 400E in the "400E" review. That pic is of the car with stock suspension and the aftermarket tires/wheels. Depends on how much of a personalized look you are after. If you go for wheels, tires, and suspension but don't like it you are only out a fraction of the cash you would be by doing the bodywork re-vamp. Just a thought...Lee