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Lee Scheeler
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Any car you take european delievery of will be US spec. Any car you buy from europe as a euro-spec version will have to be imported.(and detuned to meet US emissions) That would make it cost prohibitive and a real pain in the butt. Pick up a US model and enjoy it...besides the 92's have more power than the rest of the US cars.(very close to euro's) The 500E is approx an inch lower than the 400's to begin with. The Porsche designed suspension is one thing I wouldn't mess with.(my opinion, tastes differ) Since the rear suspension is self-leveling, changing the ride height would be a big deal. Aftermarket wheels are different than ANY other benz out there. The rolling radius is different than other W124's and the offset is unique only to the 500E itself. Only AMG, Carlsson, BBS and a few others even make wheels with the correct offset/design so cost will be high. Before you change the muffler or tips listen to the car stock. It is way more aggressive sounding than a 400E in my opinion. Remus makes a muffler that might fit but it will be about $700 or so. I think Borla does also but I don't have a price. I'd advise you not to do anything that isn't readily reverseable simply because it is a collector car. Granted a VERY FUN collector car but its rarity and fun factor will make it perhaps the most collect able MB of the 80's and early 90's. Last I heard MB was going to send 4000 E55's stateside over the next few years, only 1500 500E/E500 cars came over here. Tires/wheels, chips, airboxes, springs, mufflers are no big deal to swap back and forth but try to stay away from anything that can't be put back to stock. I will obviously research performance upgrades for the model for myself. BTW gearing of the euro cars would likely be the same or taller than the US car. Mercedes has agreed to limit all their cars to 155 or less. The 500E is electronically limited to 155mph. Probably gear limited somewhere around 165 or so.(guessing) A real dealer auction you need a dealer's liscence to get into or bid at. They are strict on that one so the average consumer is SOL. Public auctions you will probably never see a 500E at in your lifetime. Of course I will publish any good mods Benzmac and I discover.