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I got it!!
Arthur, I have 2 blinks. I tried to erase the code, but , I try to hold down for 6-10 sec and the code still appears. Also when I started the car the light came back on. I retrieved the code and the light went off.
Is all this normal? What is code 2. O2 sensor maybe?
Also I found out what those wires were in the pass, floorboard. The car had a phone system installed previously, I took it off and I am happy.
So now I only have 2 more problems left code and the windshield. (more on that later.)

Please help: 1994 E-320 (w124) 2 blinks (code 2) what do I need?
Can I only erase the code after I change the component? Or am I erasing it and since the component is bad it comes on immediately upon start?
Thank you

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