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94 E-320 Windshield

Here is how it all started:
There is considerable amount of windnoise in the car. ( I just bought it), upon further investigation, I noticed that the windshield had been replaced previously. Upon further investigation I noticed that the big molding which goes from one and to the other on the lower side of the winshield is not attached properly. It is not in its track under the wiper. I tried fruitless for 2 hr to pop this molding back on. I got it on the sides but not under the wiper. I taped it for test and its still noisy!

On my old 86 it is three pieces, one around the single wiper and one on each side all the way to the a -pillar, for a total of three (3) pieces.

The '94s are one piece.

Here is the problem, and the questions:
Is it true that one can not replace this molding without removing the wiper assy.?
How does one replace the windshield on a w124?
Some guys say that they will do it without removal of the wiper, just slide it under it.
Some say you have to remove it.
I have not gone to the dealer because it seems that in Dallas all MB-Dealers are very ignorant.
I wanted to put the molding back on but I am willing to replace the windshield if required. Is there a special seal or glue that one must use?
I am thinking that whoever installed the windshield did not do a good job, therefore the windnoise. If I have to take the wiper off to do the molding and the window, might as well do both at the same time. The molding is really secondary to the windshield.

Please help.

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