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Let me tell you about my experience with a 300TE. I wanted a 300TE to replace my wife's 190E but just could not afford one. Then I stumbled accross an neglected abused 1990 300TE. I bought it for $2800. It had a hole in the oil pan, no back window and was utterly discussting. Well this just goes to show you how well these cars are built. I took a chance buying this car. Now I have put on a new oil pan, rear window, and spent countless hours cleaning this thing. Its not perfect but runs like a dream. Starts everytime (so far) and runs great. I tell you if you saw it in its condition you would lock the doors and hide the children. Luckily for me I think the original owner changed the oil and took care of it. It was the second owner that abused it. You should look for the basic things. A/C, brakes, transmission etc. Of course if the price is right!

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