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Johnson Chan
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questions on: 124 rear shocks

Hello everyone, I gotta question for my 92 300D 2.5 turbo.

1) I think my rear shocks need to be replaced, for one the dealer told me they were shot, and the rear of the car squeeks when hitting bumps, etc. , which has NOT been bothering me in the past, but its getting embaressing when my dates ask whats that noise in the back, blah blah.

2) What kind of shocks do you recomend? OE blistens or the sporty ones, or the heavy duty ones, I want a smooth and quiet ride like the caddys, jags, and rolls. How do the sporty ones and heavy duty ones differ from OE?

3) how hard to is it to change? Since its winter time, I dont feel like messing iwth my car for a long time outside, i hate the cold climate, lol. Thanks.
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