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Cool Thanks to all. Here is an update

Update info,
1.) Again coolant is 60% water and 40% coolant

2.) The viscous-coupling fan clutch:
- it spins one third to one half turn with a Single push
- it speeds up when the engine RPMs speed up
- not sure if the fan clutch is allowing the fan to speed up
when the engine temperature is increases and the engine is
at Idle speed. (what is the best
way to check this? there is no obvious increase in speed from
visual observation)

3.) the electric fans are pushing air towards the engine (e.g air flow in the correct direction from both the auxillary fans and the fan clutch.

4.) Thermostat opens when boiled

5.) thermostat is postioned in the correct position ( I checked this multiple times.) The car was not overheating prior to the changes made, that is why I question if I damaged the fan clutch assembly or have not installed it correctly when replacing the water pump (I changed the water pump because it was leaking) This also suggest that the auxillary cooling pump should be working (e.g. I have monkeyed with it and it was previoiusly working)

6.) The block is filled ( I filled it up so that there was fluid leaking from the second opening then tightened down both of the nuts). Is there another way to make sure that air is not trapped)

7.) I change the tensioning device to ensure the appropriate tension on the v-belt.

How do you check to make sure that:
- the auxillary water pump is working
- there is no air in the system
- there is no pluggage in the radiator
- the viscous fan clutch is working appropiately

I have found that after running the car such that the temp rises to 80 dergrees C, and let it Idle. The temp begins to creep up rather quickly up past 100 C (it will overheat if I let it go). The auxillary fans kick on but does not cool the temp down. If I then rev the rpms to 2000 the temp quickly decreases to 85-90 within 30 sec to 1 min. The radiator is heating up approppriately (e.g. appears to disipating heat appropriately. The radiator also cools down after the aux fans have kicked on and I rev the rpms up)

I suspect that the causes are either the fan clutch assembly or the auxillay water pump.
I suspect that the most likely culprit is the fan clutch given the above findings and the fact that I took it off to change the water pump (e.g. I broke it or did not put it back together correctly)
However, it does seem that if there is not enough coolant flowing when Idling that this could also contribute. I would like to know how to test the auxillary pump without having to change it.

Thanks again for everyones help.
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