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Mike B
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I own a 1987 300SL with 107,000 miles on the clock. In my opinion the car has never handled particularly well and over the two years that I have owned it I have spent a great deal of time and money trying to fix the problem. The car tends to wander over the road, following the camber quite markedly, which requires constant correction. There is also a persistent background wobble in the car most noticeable at around 70 mph. The car also shakes for a few cycles when driving over pot holes, drain covers or anything that gives the suspension a kick. These phenomena are all more prominent with the hard top off (perhaps not surprisingly).
Work done so far:-

- new subframe mountings on front (twice)
- new wishbone joints and bushes
- new tie rods
- new idler arm bushes
- new dampers all round (including steering damper)
- wheels balanced and aligned (although not by MB)
- steering box adjusted to take up slack
- steering/suspension checked over by MB nothing found

I have heard of such things as ‘scuttle shake’ in convertibles due to the inherent lack of rigidity in the design but find it hard to believe that a quality car such as this suffers from the fundamental handling problems mentioned above.

Your views would really be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.