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Can't Get my intake Manifold Off !

I'm pulling my head on 89 ,300E this afternoon and have two problems.

1 Intake manifold won't move back off head. I took off eight bolts and one nut off Intake manifold but the manifold will only move back about 1/4" off the head. What I'm I doing wrong. It seems like it's stuck somewhere.

2. Second "Major problem" I used an Allen torx socket instead of a star sockets and stripped the cam gear bolt that holds the distributor roter bracket.

a>I'm thinking either I cut off the rotor bracket and have the machine shop drill out the screw .

b> break that orange plastic retainer behind the bracket so I can get to the timing chain.

c. drill the face off the cam gear bolt.

It has 217 on it .Is is easy to replace the timing chain. I really don't want to take much more off.


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