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Lee Scheeler
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For more specifics on the BMW shortblock problem check out this link

The MB were designed to last much longer than the BMWs. BMW targets a younger audience (in the past anyhow) but they also target a particular type within the market. That type being the ones who lease a car then forget about it. Many more mercedes owners buy their cars or buy them used to keep for many more years. Exampe: how many MB's do you see with more than 100K on the odometer? how many 540's do you see that old? ...exactly. I've often heard talk of retrofitting the ZF electro 5-speed(540 and MB's I'm told) but it would be more of a headache than it would be worth. In addition to the tranny you would need another "brain box" to interface the computer of the engine and the tranny, associated wiring...etc. Not much you can do about the rear axle of the 420(short of swapping it with more headaches) Only short term recommendation is to shift manually most of the time. If your dead set on performance and the 500E isn't an option there are others possibilities. Try picking up an old 190 2.6, 300E, or early C280 and putting twin-turbos on it. Kits are available....Lee