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I replaced the water pump in my 1988 190e one week ago. I noticed something strange with the fan. Before I replaced the water pump the fan would turn very slowly everytime I saw it running (I have only had the car 2 weeks). I assume it kicked on when the temp went up. After the water pump was replaced the fan now turns all the time at a
not fast but not slow speed. I never see it stop. My question is this. I just noticed today that if I sit in the car with it running for about 15-20 min. the temp gauge starts going up. Once the temp gauge gets to about 100 the big electric fan on the front of the car kicks on and it starts cooling off. Is this normal? The temp outside was only 60 when this happened.It only happens when the car is sitting still. The temp is fine during normal city or highway driving. Did I put the fan on wrong. Please help!!!