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Do you have a manual. You are right, this is not a particularly difficult job, but there are some tricks that a manual will help you with. Some of them already mentioned, but here goes my list from memory. Maybe it will help.

Use something to lock the fan in place while loosening the allens that hold the fan on. There is a special tool that is nothing more than a bent rod that lays in a slot and lines up with a notch in the back of the fan to keep it from turning. The special tools are a short allen socket and the bent rod tool, but you can probably get by with something if you just know to lock the fan with the slot with some sort of rod.

The guide rail pin. There is a special puller, but a bolt through a socket or something with a washer and threaded into the pin can work as a home made puller.

This engine has a ratcheting tensioner. You will need several allens, I think a 12mm and a 17mm to remove the tensioner. Before reassembling, push the notched plunger all the way through and reinsert. This will relieve the tension and allow it to ratchet itself back in place without damaging anything.

Use some slimy slick sealant on the top timing cover u seal so it will slide rearward into place without disturbing the location of the u seal. Oil the shaft seal and start it carefully with your fingernail to ensure that it does not fold up.

The manual says to remove the intake and injection system with the head, then remove it on the bench. I found it quite easy to leave the injection/intake assembly in place and simply unbolt from the head. You will have to crawl underneath for access to a few of the bolts, but with a fistful of extensions, it's not difficult.

Be careful not to lose the small little metal cups that are at the rocker arm tips at the top of the valve springs.

When tightening down the camshaft stands and rocker arm assemblies, take your time, start all the bolts with your fingers then evenly tighten all of them. You can strip threads or break the camshaft if you're not careful.

Good luck with it,
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