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i recently replaced a front rotor on my 84' 280e,,,i don't recall the suppression springs being there,,,but i'm sure the hubs have been off enough times by now someone could have tossed them!!! then again my car wasn't ordered with a radio so it may not have had them installed,,,

its my understanding that the suppression springs would be for electromagnetic noise induced into the circuitry of the radio wiring,,,this noise would easily be induced to the wiring if not grounded,,,it would affect the sound in the same way the alternator does as revolutions in the winding increase,,,the difference is that the noise induced through the spinning of the wheels is not directly hard wired into the electrical system,,,the springs help disapate the interferance through the chassy,,,the rear wheels are probably far enough away that the noise in completely degredated,,,but they could have springs as well,,,the car being a diesel or not shouldn't make any difference,,,

my guess is that this is an example of MB engineering overkill,,,you probably won't notice the sound in the radio if you don't reinstall the springs but remember the assembly was designed with all parts installed,,,leaving out a part because you don't see a need for it may affect the function of another,,,

this is just my thoughts,,,i hope it helps,,,
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