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Originally Posted by krwsenior View Post
I just bought an 83 300D Turbo Diesel from the original owner with 201k miles. I was told the transmission was rebuilt a while ago and since that time it shifts very hard from 1st to 2nd gear. The other shift points seem smooth, but possible too soon. Any ideas? So far, I love the car. It runs great, but is a little sluggish. KRW
The harshness of the shift is controlled by the vacuum from the vacuum control valve to the modulator. The more vacuum.........the softer the shifts.

The '83 is noted for a very firm 1-2 shift. It's possible to soften it slightly, but, you risk flaring on the 2-3. If you wish to attempt it, you'll need a Mityvac to perform the adjustment. If you get one.......just return and post and we'll help you with it.

If the shifts are too early, you can adjust the Bowden cable under the hood for that. It's attached to the throttle linkage near the back of the head. Look for a cable and a rubber dust boot. Find the plastic adjustment nut on the opposite side of the bracket and turn the nut counterclockwise three turns to tighten the cable. Take it for a drive and see if you like the later shift points.
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