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Going to Rebuild 400E Power Steering Pump.

Finally I had enough leakage from the P/S pump, the puddle on the garage floor drives me crazy, what makes me feel worse is there are two Lexus (GS400&GS300) sit beside my 400E, they must be laughing at my Mercedes everyday they see the puddle.

I received the P/S pump repair kits from Partshop, and going to rebuild it soon, I have the repair CDs, but I'd like to get some suggestions from someone who did this before.

What I got was 10 O-rings and gaskets, It will take quite a long time for me to figure out where I should put them, I then guess I have to remove the pump from car and do it very carefully.

Before I detach the pump, how can I drain the P/S fluid? how long should I prepare for this task? also any tricks will be appreciated.
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