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1972-1989 MB'sIron blockvs.Aluminum V8!

There is an article that I've read,that
an iron block V8 can go to 300mi.w/proper
maintenance. R&T says,there are two
knowledgeable persons who knows MB.respectivley.
Steve Marx and Rod Cunha.
Both agreed the iron block V-8's are
axeptionally long lived.1972-1989 V-8's
are just unburstable.Around 350,000 before
bottom end overhaul isn't unreallistic said
Cunha.The top end is often good for 180-240,000mi.
And from Marx,I have some customers w/ at least
300,000 mi.on their cars and the engines haven't
even needed a valve job.R&T MARCH 1994 pgs.106-
111.My question is,are the iron block V8's
more durable than the newer aluminum V8's?
If so,in what respect?I'm very curious.
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