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Ronald Pantin
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First of all I`ll like to say this is a great website. I found out about it over at the Bekkers website and have been checking it out for a couple of days now. OK here`s my question I`ve recently purchased a 1987 300E this car is in very sound and great body condition, Missing is a right rear center window switch, How do i get the wooden console off to change the switch? I`ve read your advice to another member on the subject (300SDL) But this dosen`t seem to work for my 300E, could i be doing something wrong? Let me throw another on at ya. Sunroof worked great for a few weeks but now it seems to have gotten very lazy to a point that i`m scared to open it for fear it won`t close back. Is there any answers for this one (sunroof motor shot,Cable bad etc etc etc)?