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Dirty Ern
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Code RED, I don't want to have to drive my wifes "piece of Jeep" to Arizona!

Code RED, code RED,I have a vacuum leak, and traced it to the rack of switch over valves that control the various heating vacuum elements. (Before I forget, it's a 81 300SD). It appears that when the top switch over valve is energized, that it opens a port that is common to at least two other lines that are "teed" into something that looks like a check valve, (it's yellow and about 1/2" dia.) and its hose barbs could possibly be off center. It's something that just developed in the last couple of days, and the engine is slow to shut down. If I don't get this going in a couple of days, I'm going to have to drive the "piece of Jeep" to Arizona. Please HELP!!!
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