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300E slow start

I have noticed that my W124 has lost some of its low end power recently especially starting from a stand still. It could be my imagination. The car still have plenty of top end power and it feels like it can run at 80- 90 mph all day (and it does since it is my commuter car) with no problem. Is it the characteristic of the 103 or the car is at its last leg? It has over 260K on the clock. Is there anything I can do to bring back some of its low end power? I mentioned recently to my wife that I will donate it to charity if the car starts causing me money (I mean big money) on maintenance, and she strongly objected to getting rid of it. She somehow gets rather fond of the car, and she was the first to object me to buying a car with over 200K on the clock to begin with. Funny how things change in life.

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