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Unhappy Transmission Posessed

Ahhh, it never fails, something always goes wrong when the mechanic is on holidays...

Started up my car this morning and without warning, my car wouldn't accelerate when cold. I continued to warm it up when a loud rattling noise started coming from the transmission/drive train/exhaust manifold area. I managed to make the sound go away after manually raising the accelerator and revving it a few times.

I went to start up the car several hours ago and found that it briefly did the same thing (won't accelerate until warm) and then the tranny started making funny noises like it was shifting gears so I put it in "N" and it started driving forward !!!

Frankly the idea of starting up the car in the morning scares me to death.

Do any of you out there have any ideas what to check ?



1976 230.4 W115.
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