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European style headlights for W123

After a year long search I found Euro style headlights for my 83' 300D, and they were almost worth the trouble, time, and expense. They provide very noticibly better illumination over the US style round headlights, and transform the appearance of the car.
Now that I am actively searching for another W123 diesel (wagon or coupe - or both...) I will want the same headlights. However, the price and time it took to find a decent used set of Euro lights is something I wish to avoid. (They cost almost $1000 Cdn. to buy and install...but they were new, imported from Germany) So, I will research through this forum to find sources of Euro headlights in advance of my search for another suitable 123, and hopefully spare myself the expense & hassle. Are there any places in North America that sell new Euro style lights for W123's? I am leery of used stuff, as thru my other non-Mercedes projects (Italian Motorcycles, American MuscleCars, & Volvo P1800's) I have found that used stuff rarely lives up to the sellers description, and I have had to settle for junk that needed some sort of work & additional expense.
By the way, I would rather sell my Hemi GTX than my stodgy looking old 300D. I have recently developed a real affection for these diesels. Could that be age and maturity setting in? Oh Dread....Soon I will be developing a taste for Lagavulin or some such thing.
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