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2 O-rings - part number 007603-012102 - dealer part number.
These are used in one of the fuel lines that connects to the fuel filter. I'll include the notes I took when I first performed this task. While it may not be of too much help, be aware of task 0780.4 - Replacing fuel filter in the Maintenance Manual which is on the 126 CD-Rom.

Tools used:
8" long 1/4" extension
10mm socket - 1/4"
1/4" dr. ratchet
17mm open-end wrench
3/4" and 7/8" open end wrench
Flat blade screwdriver
Phillips screwdriver
Ramps to back car up on
Pan to catch residual fuel - some will leak

- Back car up on ramps
- Remove ground strap from battery
- Fuel filter/pump closest to right rear wheel. Remove plastic
shroud that encases the fuel pump/filter assembly. 2 bolts.
10mm socket & 8" extension.
- Loosen/remove 2 screws that fasten mounting bracket around
the fuel filter. It's best to first loosen the fuel line connections
on both ends of the fuel filter. This takes a 17mm open end and
a 3/4" open end on one side and a 7/8" on the other. The SAE
wrenches are used on the counter nuts that are on each end
of the fuel filter. You may find that the size of the counter nuts
varies between the different, Mann: Bosch.
- Remove filter after you get connections from both ends off. Be
prepared for some drippage as things are loosened up. The 2
brass washers(see part # at top) are used on the side of the
fuel filter closest to the right rear wheel. The dealer sold me 6,
but I used only these two. The other side had no washers.
- Snug the connections down really good. If you encounter
leakage afterwards, try to snug down a little more.
Mike Murrell
1991 300-SEL - Model 126
M103 - SOHC
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